20 Year UTTS.'s Successfulness

         The  second  decade  period  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  has  stepped  into  Thai  social , and  forward  to  
     global  vision.  Mr.Aram , who  were  the  beginner  for establishing  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  Society, and  maintenance  
    with  merit, stability  concerning  to  positive  thinking   power, and   specific  potentiality  that  to  “ The  Medical  Profession   
    ACT  Thailand  BE. 2556.

        The reason of UTTS. establishing , Mr.Aram  who  was  the  beginner  to  develop  UTTS. and, the reality of UTTS.’s 
        development   was  backward  to  the  past, he, Mr.Aram   involved  with  Thai   Traditional   Medicine  while  he was  just

a  child  at  the  past  time. Mr.Aram, he was  the  son  of  Senior’s   
Councilor, Mr.Jeeb  Amratisha  who  was  the expert  and  much  of experience for Thai Traditional  Medicine , especially Herbal Medicine
mixing  such  as  favorite  herb  name  A  Long  Life  Drug.

In  childhood  period, Mr.Aram,he  was  always  an  apprentice  for  his  father’s herbal  medicine  mixing  to distribute  to  villagers  during  The  Second  World  Wartime, because  of  that  the  crisis  moment  of  
expensive neediness  merchandises   including  drugs, foods  and  other  demands  by  ration   system. His  
father realized that  he  was  the  King’s  Servant  family, and  have  enough  money , so  he  have  so  much mercy  and kindness  for  every  villagers’s  contributing, while  the  most  of  villagers  were  poor  status.That 
was  the mercy thinking  for  medicine  contributing  to  illness  villagers. Mr.Aram,  had  have  that  the  same mercy  and kindness  as  his  father  also. This  was  the  initiative  accumulating  and  melting  for  him , 
Mr.Aram, have mercy  and  kindness  for giving  to poor  people. Although  Mr.Aram  moved  to Surin  Province 
and  have marriage  Mrs.Bunliang , he  just  have   the  mercy  thinking  for  contributing  and  distributing  to
the  poor villagers  with  herbal  medicine, so  he  was  the  well – known   and  favorite  person  in  Surin  
Province  and neighboring  province, though  he  was  so  old, he  just  was  trying to do a good  needs from 
the  past  to nowadays.

In  B.E. 2532, his  close  old  friend, Mr.Piyanat Watcharaporn , who  was  ever  been  the  Vice Chairman  of  Representative Parliament presentative   took  the  position  of  Minister  of  Ministry  of  Public Health , on  behalf  of  Akaphap  Party, and  appointed Mr.Aram  as  the  position  of  Chairman  Consultants   at  that  time. Later, in  B.E.2535  after  the revolutionary  crisis   (Ror- Sor- Chor ),that  the  cause of  dissolving   Akaphap  Party, after  that  Mr.Aram    and  Mr.piyanat  were  candidate  for  political  election  on  behalf  of  Kitsangkom  Party  and  have  enough  the  trust  by  Thai  people  to  be  the    Representative  Parliament.  
     When  Mr.Piyanat   took  the  position  of  Minister  of   Prime  Minister’s  Office, he  offered  Mr.Aram   for  the  Committee  Chairman  position  of  Public  Health  according  to  Political  Party  quota  agreement, with   the  reason  of  he  was  ever  been  the  Committee  Chairman  of Advisors  for  the  past, Mr.Aram  could  have  so  much  experiences  and  more  competency  than  other  Party’s  Members. So, he  was  unanimously  selected  by  Party’s  Members  for  that  Committee  Chairman  position, and   that  the  beginning  time  for  officially  involving  in  Thai  Public  Health.

          Mr.Aram,with  the  Committee  Chairman  of  Public  Health, Representative  Parliament   who  was  the    person   attempt  to  close  to  the  people  who  were  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  professions  really.  Namely,  every  times  that  he  went  to  inspect  the  official  works  at  urban  area  with  faraway  places, he  always  he  emphasized  that  he  don’t  liked  formally  welcome  for  him , but  liked  to  have  normally   welcome  better,
 such  as   one  of  Chinese  Noodle  just  enough  only.
         Especially, he  don’t   wanted  any  of  gifts  or  souvenirs, but   he  wanted to  visit  groups  of  Folk  Medicine  and  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  groups  after  finished  his  official  mission   in  that  area. Every  his  official  mission, he  always  inquired  about  any  problems  and  difficulties  to  earn  theirs  living , however, he  would  like  to  concern  to  have  resolution  for  that  problems  also. In  case  of  difficult  problems, he  tried  to  contribute  and  made  primary  help  for  them , that  was  his  completed  official   mission in  remote  area  for  the  past.

          In  B.E. 2536 , Dr. Udomsin  Sisangnam  MD., Deputy  Minister  of   Ministry  of  Public Health consulted
 to  Mr. Aram  on  behalf  of  Committee  Chairman   of  Public  Health  about  the  relationship  between  Thai
 and  China  with  knowledge  exchanging  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  and  Chinese  Traditional  Medicine. So,  they  went  to  visit  China ( That  the  first  time  of  Administration  Committee  and  Legislature  Committee  were  joined  together). For  this  trip, Mr.Aram  had  the  prominent  competency  by  signed  agreement  of  MOU. with  China  about  mutual  Traditional  Medicines  together,not  only  that, he  permitted  China Traditional  Medicine  could  disseminated  and  cured  with  Chinese  style  in  Thailand, for  this  case  made  a  good  relationship  between  2  countries  including  mutual  Traditional  Medicines  got  more  development  better. 

          After that , Mr.Aram appointed 
 Dr.Vitul  Sangsingkaew  MD. while  he  was  the  Director  General  of  Department  of  Medicine  for  position  of  the  Public  Health  Expert’s  Committee, Thai  Representative    Parliament. They  had  the  same  visions, so  they  tried  to  progress  many  works  such  as  the  contribution  for  Nurse’s  Profession  from  level  9  to  level  10  that  urged  to  have  dignity  and  honor  for  this  profession  were  as  equal  as  another  one.
 So, theirs’s  relationship   just  had  more  unity  and  harmony  together  to  connect  ideals  forward  to  develop  for  the  benefit  of  our  country.

The  problem  and  suffering  of  Folk  Medicine  and  Thai Traditional  Medicine  were  in  his  sight ,  and  tried  to  contribute  for  theirs’s  treated.
 So, Mr.Aram   had  the  ideals  to  establish  the  organization  for  supporting  and  taking  care  these  Thai  Traditional  profession  that  covered  all  of  area in  Thailand  had  gathered  with  unity, especially  it  so  easy  to  control  under  the  same   rule  and  the  same  disciplines  this  was  the  initiative  of  ideals  to  establish  Thai  Traditional  Medicine. 

 In  B.E. 2538 – 2540, Mr.Montri  Phongphanit , head  of  Kitsangkom   Party  with  the  position  of  Deputy  Minister  of  Ministry  of  Public  Health  convinced  that  Mr.Aram   had  enough  competency  of  experienced  expert    and  have  ever  took  responsibilities  for  Ministry  of  Public  Health  as  the  Committee   Chairman  and  Advisory  Chairman,Mr,Aram  was  the  candidate  for  to  General  Chaovalit   Yongjaiyut, the  Prime  Minister,The  Cabinet  had  unanimously  appointed  Mr.Aram  as  the  Advisory   Chairman  for  The  Minister  of  Ministry  of  Public  Health  at  the  same  time  that  Dr.Vitul  Sangsingkaew, The  Under – Secretary  of  State  of  MOPH., that  was  a  good time  to  progress  and  connect  the  ideals  forwardly. Especially, the  foreign  relationship  between   Thai  and  Chaina  so  close  more  than  expectation ,with  the  future  of  China  Progression  that  could  have  mutual  contribution  together.  So, they  went  to  China  by  Mr.Montri  as  the  head  of  trip  and  got  the  successfulness  according  to  theirs’s  resolution,namely, signed  agreement  with  MOU.  together  for  Public  Health  System  between  Thai  and  China  including  other  co – opperations.

 For  the  thinking  and   ideals  of  establishing   Thai  Traditional   Medicine  Institute, at  the  primary  implementation  MOPH. consulted  to  The  Office  of    Civil  Committee  and  The  Office  of  Monetary  Administration   had  mutual  meeting  about  setting  that  Institute.  For  that  time, had  never  any  conclusion  and  no  anyone  convinced  enough  to  have  significance  for  supporting, and  The  Office  of  Civil  Committee  have  no  any  positions  for  jobs ,  The  Office  of  Monetary  Administration   have  no  any  budgets  also.
         This  case  was  very  difficult  to  establish  for  that  Institute, Mr.Aram  tried  to  urge  to  The  Office  of  Civil  Committee  and  The  Office  of  Monetary  Administration  to  guarantee  that  Institute  at  first  time, except  that  Mr.Aram   would  try to  find  out  of   budget   by  himself. After  that, Dr.Vitul  knew  that  and  informed  to  Mr.Aram “ We  could  have  budget  contribution  from  The  Office  of  Lottery  Administration.”  So, they  implemented  to  get  that  budget   and  could  got  amount  of  budget  30  million  Thai  Bahts.
       After  that, when  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  was  established  already, and  refered  to  under  The  Department  of  Medical  Services  so,  that  budget  was  refered  to  “  Foundation  of  Thai  Traditional    Medicine  Development” for  implementing  according  to  the  principle  objectives.  The  significance  in  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  implementation  was  that  Mr.Aram  conducted  most  of  doctors  interested  in  Thai  Traditional   Medicine  style, because  of  that  was  Thai  Intelligence  from  the  past  by  our  ancestors,  Mr.Aram   considered  to  promote  to  Dr.Phenapha   Chupchareon   MD.  with  the   position  level   of  Director ,  Ministry  of  Public  Health,Dr.Phenapha, she  was  the  person  who  so  expert  for  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  and  had  ever  worked  with  Mr.Aram  for  along  time,so  she  was  appointed  to  be  Director  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  to  connect  to  proceed  this  resolutions  and  vision  forwardly. After  that, many  years  later, Mr.Aram  and  Dr,Vitul   were  joined  to  “ Foundation  for  Life  Development  Under  the  Patronage  of  H.R.H  Princess  Galyani  Vadhana  “  until  the  last  time  of  life, Mr.Aram  always  said  that  Dr.Vitul   certainly  was  the  close  friend  and  so  sincerely  for  him.

       However, UTTS.was  already  established   it  just  have  the  problem  of  budget  and   man    powers  to  help  that  works  to   lead  to  the  success   point, Mr.Montri   Phongphanit   knew  that  and  ordered  to  DMS. to   register  for  establishing  UTTS.  at  the   area   of  DMS.’s  Building  in  MOPH.  area   also.  That  was   very  good  ideals   for    proceeding  and   connecting  to  UTTS.’s  responsibilities   had  have  so  much  more  convenience  better.

             After  that, when  UTTS.  was   perfectly  established, most  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine’s  doctors  promoted  and  supported  to  Mr.Aram   was  the   leader  of  UTTS.   as   the   position  of  The  President  of  UTTS.  from  then  to  nowadays, by  unanimously  considered  of  Official  parts ,  Political   parts,Mr.Aram  decided  to  take  that  position  of   UTTS.’s  President.

          With  the  primary   attention, he  would  like   to  back  to  his’s  mother  land  after had    retirement   from  political   mission, however, when  he  really  involved   in   UTTS.’s  works  that  so  hard  to  take  action  forward,  so   he   invited  his   brother   Mr.Phitak   Amratisha   to   help  him   as   the  position  of  UTTS.  Vice President. 

          When  we  reminded  to  the  past   of   difficulty  for  the  beginning  time  of   UTTS.  operations   was    very   struggled  that  told  by  Mr.Sukasom   Amratisha   who  is   his  son ( Mr.Aram )  who  was  ever  been  The    Member  of  Surin  Provincial  Administrative  Organization, while  he  visited  his  father  in  Bangkok , the  first    impression  in  his  sight   he  saw  that  the  small  and  old   room  among  the Plant ‘s  Nursery   in   Herbal    Garden , while   there   were  the   large   area   of  MOPH.  with  the  big  buildings   around  there.   Mr.Sukasom ,  he  complained  that  was  extremely  difference  as   his  father  had  ever  been   the   political  position  before ,    such  as   in  front  of   his  father  had   the   secretary  and  surround  with  many  officers  to  take  care  him.  
    While  that  time,  had  many  scornful  words  to  his  father ( Mr.Aram)  “  He  just  only  be  the  head  of  Thai  massagers  “, for  that  time  the  meaning  of  massagers  were  unacceptable  for  anyone  and  were  negative  thinking   also.   This   negative  thinking , because  of  the  general  Massage  &  Bathing  for  entertaining  to  the    groups  of   playboys  only , however, Mr.Aram   he  just  attempted  to  try  to  progress  his  works  forwardly  and   continuously  until   his  son ( Mr.Sukasom)  asked   him ( Mr.Aram )  with  deep  asking   as 
 “ What  is  the  reason that   you  would  like   to  work  here , and  what  for  , for  who, and  what  inspired  you  to  devote   with  physical  and  mental  abilities  to  work  including   your  private  properties ?” that  was  the  serious    attention  for  him.

        After  that, Mr.Aram, joined  to  
 Dr.Suravit    Konsomboon   MD.  with  the  position  of  Chaiyaphom   Parliament  Representative  for  that  time , Mr.Aram , who  proposed   for  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  Profession  Legislation  in  B.E. 2542  by  contents  of   this  legislations  were   divided  into  4    items   such  as  bellow   followings :
1.Branch  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  such  as  Thai  Traditional   Medical  Treatment, Thai  Traditional  Pharmacy   and   Thai  Traditional   Midwifery ,  and  other  Thai  Traditional   Medicine   according   to   The  Cabinet ‘s  proclamation.  
2.Branch  of  Applied  Thai  Traditional   Medicine.
3.Branch  of  Physical  Therapy.
4.Branch  of  Technical  Medicine.

With  the  4  branches  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine   as   above   mentioned  were  simultaneously  proposed  by  Mr.Suvan  Tangjitjareon   who  was  the  well - informed   person , and   expert  for  Thai  Traditional   Medicine  Profession , Mr. Suvan  assigned  the  role  and  operation  methods  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  Profession   Branches , that  were  the  supporting  and  promoting  for  this  profession   had   more   well known  and  more  widely  disseminated.

However , although   this  An   Act   Of   Legislation   was  promulgated  in  B.E.  2542   to  2550, but  not  yet  to  progress   enough  for  Thai  Traditional  Medicine , and  develop  to  the  same  direction ,not  only  that, it  had   many  promulgation  of  Rules  and  regulations  that  made  the  barriers  and  obstacles   to  access   to    this  profession   with   legally   operated. That  the  reasonable  thinking  for  Mr.Aram  ,hoped   to  assign  the  specific   Law, and  should   have  the  institute  to  under  this  profession  as  same  as  Nurse  Profession , so  he   consulted  to  Law s  Expert   of   Parliament ,Mr.Thongkum Kaewprom , and got  the Constitution  Guidance   B.E.2550 , Group  7   of  Direct   Political   Participation  for  Thai  people   Section  163 , identified  that  The  people  have  the  right  to  elect  the  Member  of  Parliament  Representative  not  less  than  10,000  persons  ,and  the  right  to  propose  the  legislation  to  the  Chairman  of  Parliament  for  consideration  The  Draft  of  An  Act  Of  Legislation  that  was  assigned   in  Group  3  and   Group  5   for  that  Constitution.

     With  the  supporting  by  Mr.Chai   Cidchob, The  Chairman   of   Parliament   in  that  time ,  it   seemed  that  the  Government  under  Prachathipat   Party   Administration   had  sincerely   supported  for  this  case ,especially  The  Senior  Member , Mr.Chun    Hleakphai   including  Puerthai   Party  that  was  the   Opposition   Party   by   Mr.Vittaya   Buranasiri   who   was  the  Chairman   have  had   agreed   with  this  case  also,  however, this  legislation  was  rather   concerned  to  only  specific   profession, that  the    problems  of  understanding   consideration   itThis   legislation   so   late   to  have   consideration    approval    until   to   Section   5  finished , The   Prime   Minister  proclaimed   to   dissolve   the   Parliament  that   the  sign    for  Thai  Traditional Medicine   Profession  were  certainly  disappointed.

     There   were  a   good   chance  and  a  good  time   for   this  crisis ,  when   after  finished  election ,  Mr.Vittaya   Buranasiri   that   had  ever    supported    this  legislation  draft  while  he  was  the  Chairman  of  Opposition  Part ,but  for  that  time  he  was  appointed  for  the  position  of  Minister  of  Public  Health  in  that  government   period,  Mr.Vittaya    supported  and  sincerely   urged  for  this  legislation  until   was  finished  and   had   perfectly    approval  by  The  Representative  Parliament  and    Senators.
         At  that  time, The   Prime   Minister   was   Miss.Yinglak    Chinawat   who  accepted   that  legislation  
 and  prepared   to  Present  to   a  Sovereign   for  final   consideration. 
 The   steps  of   Cabinet ‘s   consideration ,  invited   Mr.Aram   and    had   consulting  about  this   legislation    improving ,  especially   Section  61 ,  Paragraph  3   with   the   items   of  “  For  the  benefits  of  managing    said  that    inhibited  for   temporary   commissioner  could  not  to  consider  this  legislation  draft  of  Thai  Traditional   Medicine  Profession”
         According  to   above   mentioned ,  meant  that  inhibition  for  Mr.Aram  to  take  action  of   The  President  of   UTTS.   by  political   tricks   and  political  games   at  all.   With  the  hidden  attention  were  
 the  procession  and   methodology   to  prevent   Mr.Aram   was   The  President  of  UTTS.  certainly.
         In   actually, Mr.Aram   he  was  the  person  who   intended  to  tried  to  progress  and  forwardly 
created  not  for  today , but   for  the  future   of  Thai  Traditional   Medicine  got  more  advanced  as   effectively  as.

         With  the  Divine  Grace, King  Rama  The   9  signed  The  Royal   Style     and  Title ,  at   9   January,  2556  B.E.  at  the  year  of  68  in  the  present’s  reign  time.
         So   proudly, and  extremely  surprised , because  of  that   The  King’s Approval   for  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  Profession   Legislation  was  the   Mr.Aram ‘s   Birthday   also.  
         More   than   20   years, with  attempt   to   work  hard , he   never  complained   anything  of obstacles
 or  difficulties  that  related  to  make  him  was  rather  disappointed, he  just   had  continuously  urged   as  possible  as  he   could   done, with  his   88   years  old   today.
         Nowadays, for  20   years  of  UTTS.  establishment, that  the  time  of  Thai  Traditional  Medicine  dissemination  as  forwardly  maintained  for  the  next  generation  and  for integrating  among  Thai Traditional  Medicine  knowledge   together.  From  the  past  to  the  present  time, UTTS.  have  more  than  300,000  members  not  only  in  Thailand  but  in  the  foreign  countries  also.
         Mr.Aram   said  that  “  These   members  came  to  see  us   as  same  as  they  were  our  childs”, that  meant  to  father  gave  loving , a  good  wish  and  hope
 to  have  our  child ‘s  successfulness , progressive  life , may  you  have
 “Please  have  along  sight  and  access  to  the  point.”

This  is  Mr.Aram’s  attentive  resolutions
 for  his  life  as  such  as  The  Father  of  Thai   Traditional   Medicine  really.